Since its establishment, TEBITA Ambulance has been dedicated to delivering the most professional, high quality and reliable emergency care services to the people of Ethiopia, multinational companies, non-governmental organizations, and many others.

TEBITA has received a number of awards from the Government of Ethiopia, foreign governments and development organizations for its role in bringing about life saving services to Ethiopia. The company is licensed by the Addis Ababa Health Bureau to provide emergency medical services, and offers certified trainings on first aid and health safety.

Remote Ambulance Services
Remote Ambulance Services

Multi-national and local companies who are working in remote areas and are involved in mineral mining, oil exploration, rail and road construction, etc. are vulnerable to injuries and acute illness.

  1. Our 24/7-equipped ambulances at your project site reduce needless death or medical complications due to airway obstruction, cardiac arrest, bleeding, etc.
  2. Assist in implementing emergency preparedness and response, and fulfill your occupation’s safety and health standards at national and international levels.
  3. Integrate TEBITA’s ambulance service with the appropriate the health facility for definitive care.
  4. TEBITA’s availability helps reduce disabilities after traumatic injuries (eg: spinal injuries and bone fractures).
  5. TEBITA’s Remote Ambulance Service reduces your organization’s health care work burden, and therefore increases your overall work efficiency.
Training, Health Professionals
Training, Non-Health Professionals.

First aid training to non-health professionals.

  1. Reduce immediate deaths and medical complications due to cardiac arrest, airway obstruction and bleeding that occur in the workplace.
  2. Increase your organization’s emergency preparedness.
  3. Increase your staff’s work quality and fulfill your organization’s health and safety standards.
Training, Health Professionals

Basic, advanced life support and CPD training for health professionals.

  1. It is a requirement to renew your first aid license every 5 years.
  2. It increases the overall emergency service efficiency at your health facility.
  3. It reduces death rates due to poor handling in the emergency service department.
Medical Equipment
Medical Equipment

First aid kits that provide standard medical equipment for your medical emergency needs.

  1. Obtain first aid kits or replacement medical equipment for expired or used items for a nominal price.
  2. For those who have taken a TEBITA emergency response training, a 20% price reduction will be given to participants who require a first aid kit.
Peace of Mind

The Peace of Mind package is available to organizations, families and individuals. It is standard and fully equipped ambulances for advanced life support management with well-experienced emergency professionals.

Benefits Package for Ambulance Membership

Our reliability and accessibility.

  1. Our dispatch availability at different points in the city.
  2. In certain situations, we will waive the out of pocket service expenses and will work with your insurance company to process your medical bills.
  3. Free consultation for health related problems.
  4. Members can receive a 20% discount on their at home oxygen supply or on other services.
  5. Evacuation from any corner of the country to Addis Ababa.
  6. Assisted evacuation from Ethiopia to abroad with ground ambulances and planes, if the need arises.
Commitment to Local Citizens

TEBITA is committed to local citizens by providing annual basic first aid and CPR trainings for schools and organizations, as well as community outreach and prevention programs, including Heart Healthy Communities and Car Seat Safety, as well as providing public service announcements.

Remote Ambulance Services

Each ambulance is fitted with state of the art equipment to meet the requirements of the client. Our remote ambulance services come with a highly professional crew, including a first aid trained driver and an emergency trained nurse.


We will staff your project with proper emergency medical personnel to ensure the highest quality care for your employees. We specialize in:

  • Emergency medicine doctors
  • Specialized emergency nurses
  • Critical care medical professionals
  • First and trained general staff
  • Other specialists as needed from Ethiopia or abroad
Peace of Mind Ambulance Services

Sleep well at night knowing our Peace of Mind services ensure fast and reliable response times to meet the emergency needs of your key personnel living in and around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

International Evacuation

Through partnerships, we will ensure the proper evacuation systems and protocols are in place to evacuate your personnel, when necessary, to the international location of your choice.

Clinic Set Up

Need a temporary clinic at the site of your project or camp? Based on your unique requirements, we can provide the equipment and facility to meet your project’s needs.

Training for Health Professionals

TEBITA provides a 1 to 5 day course to train health professionals about emergency care techniques in the context of Ethiopia.

Training for Non-Health Professionals

We provide a 1 to 3 day course on location or at our training facility to equip your staff with the necessary first aid skills to properly respond in an emergency.

Provision of Emergency Equipment

Interested in purchasing first aid kits for you and your staff? Participate in one of TEBITA Ambulance’s first aid trainings to receive a 20% discount.

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TEBITA Ambulance is the leading provider of remote medical assistance and pre-hospital care in Ethiopia.

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"The Tebita team was professional and timely in taking care of my loved one"

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