In May 2015, TEBITA Ambulance formed a working partnership with East Africa Emergency Services, LTD (EAES), an Ethiopian and American joint venture. EAES works with providers of emergency medical services and training in East Africa, in order to ensure that international and domestic clients have access to reliable, high-quality emergency care.

EAES offers business development, procurement and administrative support to TEBITA Ambulance. EAES seeks to help medical service companies, like TEBITA Ambulance, operate more efficiently and to free them up to focus on their core functions, primarily caring for patients in crisis. In meeting this need, TEBITA Ambulance and EAES aim to improve the quality and scope of emergency services for thousands across East Africa and create jobs in the local Ethiopian economy.

Together, TEBTITA Ambulance and EAES are working to establish the first trauma center and air ambulance system in Ethiopia.

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TEBITA Ambulance is the leading provider of remote medical assistance and pre-hospital care in Ethiopia.

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"The Tebita team was professional and timely in taking care of my loved one"

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TEBITA Ambulance Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Service

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