“ከትራፊክ አጋ በኋላ ተጎጂዎችን አፋፍሶ ማንሳት ይቁም!!” ጠብታ አንቡላንስ

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Tebita ambulance service’s devotion and dedication to curb one of the deadliest accidents of the second most populous nation of our continent have been visited by African journal reporters.




MEET ETV ( Ethiopian Television Program) interview hosted by Tefera Gedamu with anesthetist Kibret Abebe (Tebita’s GM )

Part 1 of 3



Part 2 of 3


Part 3 of 3

Dr.Biruk Lambiso,senior orthopedic surgeon and Anesthetist Kibret Abebe(manager of Tebita Ambulance) explain about first aid for road traffic and fall injury in Ethiopia on ETV's "Tenawo Bebetwo" live health show.Wondwosen Tilahun the producer of the show hosts the program.ENJOY

Tebita ambulance advertizes its service on the Ethiopian television programs to enable the public recognize the availability of such a distinctive service in the history of the country.

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